It seems inane to create a fixed bio for a fluid site, but here are some things about me that were probably at least true at one point in time. I’m a 29-year-old freelance writer (most often about entertainment-related topics) who burns the daylight oil (or kills moonlight) by working on other people’s writing (most often education-related topics). I used to read a lot and probably still do, but only in comparison to national averages, and the magazine I’m proudest of subscribing to right now is a bimonthly meta-puzzler called P&AAmong other useless facts, I don’t enjoy beaches (the film or the erosion), let alone long walks, though let together they’re probably terrific, which is in part why I write publicly at all. (Sharing Is Caring, no?)

100_0044I won an award from Binghamton University for my short fiction upon my graduation and then promptly stopped writing it, I edited a group of young theater critics for Theater Talk‘s New Theater Corps, and I’ve written or currently write for Film MonthlyShow Business WeeklyTime Out New YorkCNN.com, and Slant Magazine. This site has been around (in various iterations) for over seven years. I occasionally help out at StageGrade. I’ve proudly served on the New York Innovative Theater Awards’ Honorary Awards Committee, live-blogged (on the official feed) from New Year’s Eve in Times Square, have never once gotten physical with PETA, and I sing baritone with the Voices of Gotham. There was a point at which I cared about my gamer score; I have logged over 700 hours in Dota 2; I still play Zynga’s Hidden Chronicles. I have a tendency to overshare or perhaps to simply overwrite.

Thanks for your time.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. hello. im fairly new to word-press and I’ve been reading your posts and I find them really insightful and very true. I’m an unpublished author and have been writing for approx 3 years, and am currently studying professional writing and editing to improve my skills as a writer.
    (700 hours of Dota 2; I’m 980 hours into Skyrim – still haven’t finished it.)

    • I would say that if you’ve made that much of a time commitment to Skyrim, you probably don’t *want* to finish it. (Much like my approach to Infinite Jest, which I kept leaving unfinished until the fourth time through. Looking forward to my fifth.)

      Also, I’m working on a piece right now that discusses the amount of time I’ve sunk into a particular game (which I won’t mention here, since it’ll be embarrassing enough when I reveal it). Looking forward to reading your thoughts on that, should I ever stop playing the game enough to finish the article!

  2. I just wanted to say I admire the way you’ve written your bio. It’s interesting, lively and not big headed. All I can ever think of saying is “I live in England I like cats”!

    • Thanks for this! If you keep stopping by the blog or check out my previous site (2007-2012), I think you’ll quickly figure out that I get bored by writing/reading the same-old, same-old, and I figure that as long as I’m writing my own copy and not forced to conform to journalistic conventions or house styles, I might as well take advantage of it. It’ll be good practice, too, should I ever decide to work on an online dating profile or need to send out fresh cover letters.

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  4. Hey – it’s good to see someone reviewing interesting theater! (and who also braved the hell of NYE in NYC). Is there any way for us to get in contact with you via email or such?

  5. Hi,
    I used to sing in your Sister Organization in San Francisco for five years. I love the name of your Chorus!
    I am also a Writer. I enjoyed your blog. Thank You!

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