Dear Common Core Haters

A brief, open letter to all of you who have been reposting “funny” articles on Facebook about how “stupid” Common Core Math is:

(1) That’s not “Common Core” math. It’s just a method of teaching it. More importantly:

(2) Your failure to understand something doesn’t make it stupid. If that were true, then you’d be applauding the Republicans who argue that global warming must not be real because snow still happens.

(3) Next time, before you pass on misinformation with a repost, why not do a little research into *why* some of these admittedly more-drawn-out methods are being taught. Consider how well you actually understand math with those old methods that you learned, and that this might explain why you struggled so much with higher-level math for which you couldn’t apply that cool shortcut. Really ask yourself if we ought to be bragging from the bottom as we critiquing some of the methods used in Singapore and Shanghai–you know, places that are at the top of the worldwide rankings in Math education.

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