Reminder: Homeland Recaps at Slant

I’ve been lax about updating things here at the blog because I’ve been posting via Twitter and Facebook. Most unprofessional, I know, although maybe all the paranoia from watching Homeland is making me unconsciously pull at least a little back from this grid. I don’t want to make it too easy for everybody to blackmail me down the line by using my own words against me in the event that I, say, get tapped to be the next host of The Daily Show, right?

My quick assessment, incidentally, is that Homeland is being outdone by The Americans. Quinn is stuck more or less on his own show, which is the worst elements of Strike Back and 24, and Saul and Allison have, for a long stretch of time, been utilized as tools from the writer’s room, largely because they’re being coy about what information to dole out to viewers. (This is especially true when it comes to unpacking whatever major event happened to break up Saul and Carrie between the fourth and fifth seasons.) Claire Danes continues to impress, but the overall plot is a roundabout and coincidental affair, and I can only hope that it justifies the sleazy way that it’s using Sebastian Koch. The Secret Lives of Others mined this whole territory of German surveillance many, many years ago, and I’d hoped that Homeland would at least build upon it rather than muddying those familiar waters.

Ah, well. Here are some links:

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