The Magic Circle: A Metaphor, But Also, Really, Magic

I had the same feeling playing The Magic Circle that I did when going through AntichamberThe Stanley Parable, and Portal: ah, I thought. This is something new and refreshing. Not the snarky tone, or the self-referential postmodernism, mind you, or even the ability to hack into your enemies and use them to your advantage in combat or exploration. But the overall package, in which you re-program your way through an ever-escalating series of “battles” for control with the “developers” was the perfect representation of the very thing it was talking about. As a lazy gamer, I still think control should rest in the hands of developers and writers–but I also think that we, as players, should be holding them to ever-higher standards: the result, at least so far as this game goes, is pure magic. You can read the full review over at Slant Magazine.

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