Not Just a “Game of Thrones”

One of the side-projects I’ve taken on this year is recapping the fifth season of Game of Thrones. You can follow the latest posts about it over at Slant Magazine, where I do my level-headed best to make sure something is up before Monday morning. Writing a recap, incidentally, is an interesting side to arts-and-entertainment journalism. It’s an attempt to have a watercooler conversation, but without anybody else around to discuss things, and I find the intriguing thing is in watching some of the lengthier recappers go down the rabbit hole as they create conspiracies and discussions because there’s nobody around to contradict them. It’s an example of when rants and stream-of-consciousness writing can be fairly entertaining–especially when we as writers actually get something right. Then again, like most BuzzFeed quizzes, or the Microsoft age-guessing machine, these are mainly conversation starters, not enders, and sometimes the more wrong we all are, the better the ensuing discussion.

That said, jump aboard and tell me how wrong I am!

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