Fixing What’s Broken (And then Some) with “Tetrobot and Co.”

In a move that will shock nobody who has viewed my Steam profile picture (“I play puzzle games to stay calm”), I found Tetrobot and Co. an absolute delight. So far as story goes, this is a sequel to Blocks that Matter, but in truth, save for some shared characters and elements, it’s an entirely new game. Gone are the platforming elements, the need to return to levels with an upgraded drill, and the tetromino block-placing mechanic. In the streamlined world of Tetrobot and Co., every level can be completed your first time through (although some strategies may not be apparent until after completing future levels), and there are hardly any reflex-based challenges. Moreover, because the thirteen different types of blocks interact with one another in unique ways, they matter more than ever, and must be neatly manipulated through an ever-growing series of devices and hazards, ranging from cannons and teleporters to electrical and laser beams. The music from Morusque is perfectly chill, so getting stuck is never an issue, and a reset button ensures that you’re never penalized for trying out new strategies. You can read the full review at Slant Magazinebut here’s the TL;DR: for you pure puzzlers out there, this is a Game that Matters.

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