Homeland Season Three Episode Eight Recap: So Much Depends on “A Red Wheelbarrow”

So much depends on this episode of Homeland, as it nears the final four episodes of the season. That it must begin to tie threads together–which it does, what with Saul heading to Caracas to pick up a practically zombified Brody, and with Carrie recklessly jeopardizing the last four months of work in order to exonerate Brody of the 12/12 bombing while simultaneously acknowledging the risks she’s taken (including those to her unborn child, who is now riddled with lithium and alcohol, as if being associated with Brody wasn’t bad enough). That it must show us something new, so as to best avoid the deja vu that various critics have accused Homeland of–which it does, with the CIA choosing to let Bennett’s fixer, Mr. Franklin, cover up the traces of the 12/12 bomber (he’s under surveillance, even if that acid bath won’t leave much of the bomber), and with Carrie literally taking a bullet from her own agency when she attempts to defy them. (There’s also a great scene in which the President’s Chief of Staff puts Senator Lockhart in his place, reminding him that while he’s going to be the CIA’s Director in nine days, until that point, he doesn’t have a high enough security clearance to be questioning Saul’s Javadi-flipping operation.) And that it must, especially now that it has ditched the sappier Dana subplots in favor of Quinn’s indecisive faith-wavering, assert what it wants to be a show about, which in this case appears to at last be morality, an important thing for the United States to be addressing, even if only fictionally and on premium cable.

You can read the full recap, as always, over at Slant Magazineand feel free to debate any of the finer points with me.


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