Homeland Season Three Episode Five Recap: Getting Bent Out Of Shape Over “The Yoga Play”

You know the drill: the recap is up at Slant MagazineFrom what I’ve read from immediate responses, I’m more in line with everybody else in not really digging this episode, although I can see that the structure is somewhat intentional, in that the episode itself is a sort of yoga play on the audience. Bear with me here: if you liken the viewer (who is surveilling Carrie from the outside of the episode) to the Iranians (who are surveilling Carrie from within the episode), then they are watching a bland yoga session while the real action goes on elsewhere, just as we are watching an episode in which nothing much happens, because the real action is happening off-screen. The moments we share with Carrie, in which she searches for Dana are simply a distraction: Carrie accomplishes nothing. The scenes with moon-eyed, on-the-lam Dana? A distraction: she hears a news report, turns on Leo, and heads home. Even Saul’s hunting trip is a distraction, in that it’s meant to take him out of his element so that Senator Lockhart can break the news about the nomination for CIA director to him. It’s all setting us up for that last minute twist. While it’s true that last week’s episode did that, too, it at least felt more earned, in that other major things were actually accomplished. The wheel-spinning here makes the deception all the more obvious, though, and less impactful. We knew something was coming; we just didn’t know what.


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