Am I a Horrible Human Being for Not Being Swept Away by “Rain”?

I read a rather positive review over at Polygon earlier today, and while I’m not even for one second reconsidering the pan I put up over at Slant Magazine, I did pause momentarily to wonder if there was something broken inside me for *not* buying into the simple charms of Rain. But no, I’m convinced that a game this treacly–and who ever expected that adjective to be used to describe what’s essentially a light survival horror game–doesn’t deserve any acclaim. Ico and Journey earned their stripes by giving you room to fail, to wander, and to wonder: Rain keeps you locked along rigid corridors that all start to look the same in the overcast, gray light. Puzzles don’t grow in complexity (in fact, they’re almost entirely ditched by the last few chapters), and there’s no sense of growth in the characters–not for nothing are they, and all the creatures in the game, invisible. It’s an existential exercise in existence, but ultimately you can’t make something out of nothing, though if you want to shell out $15 for the chance to play a childish version of Silent Hill, by all means, do so.

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