As Your Imagination Should Be: “Puppeteer” Comes With No Strings Attached

I really enjoyed Puppeteerand you can read all about it over at Slant Magazine. But suffice to say, if you enjoy the wacky environments of Rayman and miss the old gimmicks of classic Sega platformers (from classics like Sonic to rarities like Kid Chameleon), you’ll love the way in which Kutaro can arm himself with over a hundred different heads and use a pair of magic scissors to cut his way through a papercraft environment. For pure variety’s sake, this game deserves some notice, a more pun- and story-directed version of LittleBigPlanet in the aesthetics department: there’s a rail sequence one moment in which you’re racing atop a turbo-charged squid on behalf of King Neptune; the next, you may be unleashing some Lucha Libre-style moves within a Mexican bullfighting ring. The relentless charm extends all the way to the punny list of achievements, or the bevvy of unlockable back-stories on your companions (and spare heads). Best of all–if you’re a parent who likes to play games, your children will be happy to watch this one.

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