The Anxious Charm of “Monaco”: When Bad Heists Go Good

My review of Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine is up at Slant, and unlike those con artist thieves, I’ll be up front about the ulterior motives behind my recommendation: the more people who play it, the more people I’ll be able to indulge in the multiplayer with. Considering that each level is the same, be it for single-player villains or co-op collaborators, the game is simply more enjoyable when you’re playing with your buddies, using each of the eight character’s skills in tandem, rather than hoping that you’ve brought the right character to each level. In all honesty, from the blueprint-style fog-of-war aesthetic charm (casing the joint as you go) to the on-the-fly reactive gaming that’s expected from those going for speed runs or “cleaned out” goals, and even the sort of twisty story that one’s come to expect from the genre, there’s so much that’s right here that it’d be a shame to let a few single-player obstacles stand in your way.

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