Outrage Knows No Bounds

I don’t often browse products that I haven’t already made up my mind to buy, and the few I do tend to have technical and straightforward customer reviews (e.g., space heaters). So I’m thrilled to find that American snark/guilt is expressing itself in the most fitting of locations: the online marketplace. As New York magazine points out in their Intelligencer section, a livelier version of Harper’s Readings, once you get past the trolls and linguistically challenged, you may find some great commentary on objects like a toy replica of the RQ-1 Predator (you know, America’s #1 unmanned, bomb-dropping, killer drone). This also represents a case in point for editors in the age of new media: there are so many great writers out there, in so many surprising forums, working in short-form and long-form hilarity in any place that allows open comments, that you really need some sort of curatorial force to collect them for those of us who can’t scroll through everything.

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